Wednesday, May 14, 2008

15 cool mac apps

I know most of u don't use mac, y not give it a try
U will love it, Mac, ftw.
If by any chance, u use a mac, check these out!
Apps are ranked according to usefulness

Dock Fun
(rating : *****)
Have a lot of things in your dock? customize with this

(rating :*****)
your Mac's manager, will inform u whatever happens to ur Mac. e.g. download complete etc

(rating : *****)
not merely an app launcher, must-have

(rating : *****)
RSS reader. Nice app.

(rating : *****)
Cool app, microsoft paint equivalent but better

(rating : ****)
Mac version of Winzip

(rating : ****)
creates tabs on ur desktop
autominimize when apps not in use

(rating : ****)
Bittorrent Client

(rating : ****)
mini calendar on menu bar which syncs with iCal

(rating : ****)
Upgraded version iWork'06
Keynotes (ppt) especially awesome

mac office 2008
(rating : ***)
Upgraded version of Mac Office 2004 but crashed easily
Mac Office to read files, iWork better for assignment

(rating : ***)
iTunes controller, allows u to set hotkeys

(rating : ***)
Prevents ur com from going into monitor sleep mode, esp good for watching movie

(rating : ***)
If u hv iPod, u know u cant get ur songs out, unless with this

(rating : ***)
Expands the function of ur apple remote control to other apps

update patch 8.5.14


Edit my blog layout a bit
notice the difference?
I made the width broader
and some minor changes to the sidebar
HTML is not tough but tricky
fortunately I don't have to do programming :p

For best viewing experience
Plz use safari browser from Mac
alternatively, firefox should work fine as well

Well, how's everyone's holiday?
Hope you're enjoying it
I am pretty slack these days
Eat, Sleep, Movie, most of the time surfing the net
Anyway, will start lab-bing soon
meaning very busy holiday
will incorporate fruity diet into daily routine
if possible, lolz

Hopefully problems at home can be solved soon
then no migraine no depression

Previously i told my parents that I do not want to get married
seems like now they are getting a bit over worried
yesterday my mum saw a hawker's dotter quite pretty
and she insisted me to go buy things from that hawker
and NOT only ONCE

last time they warn me not to find gf
now they scare i dont 1 2 find gf
what u all 1 la
hard to be their son :p
well, i hv a lot of consideration
no hurry

Thursday, May 8, 2008

End of season 4


The time has come
Four semesters have passed
In a glimpse

Not feeling any happy
Friends left for home
Local friends went for holiday
I am going home

Soul sucked out of body

Shall resume my research project in a week's time
Say hi again to my dearest palladium

So boring today
Watched movie since morning till midnight
because i am still in hostel

Hope next semester will be a better semester

Sunday, May 4, 2008



super duper sienz..
how i wish all my papers can finish in a day
save all the trouble
waiting for the next paper is so sienz
like waiting to die
dont feel like studying
dont study scare later dunno summore

mentally tortured