Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm not loving it

To whom it may concern,

I would like to comment on the cleanliness and the hygiene standard of Mcdonalds outlet at IMM.

As I was having my usual "TGIF" dinner with you guys, to my horror, I found a live cockroach "loitering" next to my table.
I am very disappointed and totally grossed out by the sight of it, I doubt i will ever visit again.
It is unacceptable to see such incident in a health/cleanliness-conscious society like Singapore.
McDonalds is a great hangout place for the young and adult, all the more its hygienic standard should not be compromised.
I sincerely hope that this feedback will be able to reach out to the relevant party (McDonalds) and appropriate actions will be taken to prevent such unpleasant event to ever happen again.

...And I'm not loving it...

Best regards,

Swim like a fish

Finally! I swim in a big pool..
Though I have started my first lesson since 3 months back, I don't dare to go into big pool because I couldn't breathe well.
Today, I started with my single-sided breathing drill and integrated it into my full swim..
Nevertheless, it's not a proper one yet, e.g. bilateral breathing/strokes/kicks etc..
Got the kick of it and finally made it to the big pool!
I am so gonna enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Finishing a good book/read always makes me feel sad..
As though someone dear has left..
Nevertheless, every good thing/person will come to an end one day..

Finished this good read from
Day one on it and I started talking to certain people around me, e.g. my housemate whom we have lived under one roof for a year but never spoken to each other..
It has also inspired me to write something again..

Somehow, as I noticed, penning it down generally makes u feel more positive and definitive..
Refreshing the good memories and moving on from a foul day..
It also serves as a good reminder on the own mission and vision in certain sense..
I'll try to keep the KPI of writing at least 3 posts per week. (SMART goal? :))

The blog has been abandoned for 2 years plus..
In case there is anyone who is still following me, I will try to bridge up the gap after my graduation till the present moment..