Saturday, April 17, 2010

A day around NUS

Four years down the road..
Started from a small group of friends..
Now it's a big group!

Where we had our very first lab!

NUS Shopping Mall - photo with the Mascot

Outside the Dept

Our most-time-spent place

Some random photo at some random place I

Some random photo at some random place II

A place with nice food, some said nice babes!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Four-years-University life is coming to an end very soon

Final Year Project (FYP) turned out to be more grueling than I had imagined
My passion for research have been totally exterminated
I guess research is just not for me
Undeniably, I have learnt many things from FYP
especially towards the end, not only about chemistry, but also about life and myself

One more assignment and exam and will be
Moving on into a new chapter of life soon
I hope it will be an exciting one!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year!
I guess it's the last day to say that until the next year..

The New Year was spent in Penang, which is great!
It will be even greater if we had all four of us celebrating it together..
too bad it was only three, and it will only be three from now onwards..
No reunion dinner, the two bottles of wines that were supposed to be drank are still there, unopened..

The last time I had CNY coinciding with mid sem break was in my Year 1..
Time flies, I am in my final year already..
And it has been almost four months already..
I hope he is having a good life there, he never had when he was here

now, i wish i could end my fyp soon..
it's so tiring..
today i had some inspiration:


Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

a New Year
so many things had happened in year 2009

a Fresh New Year
things will be better

New Year Resolution?
Graduate with second upper honours
Get a GOOD job with DECENT pay after that
if not further studies
time to slim down a bit =)
终生大事?haha i dunno..

Happy New Year!