Tuesday, April 7, 2009

update patch 4.26

So, the last time i wrote a blog was about 1.5 months ago..
haha.. so long indeed..

Well, been a bit lazy to write stuff..
A little busy too..

Wishlist: (whoever wants to give it to me as present, plz let me know hor! haha)
Nokia 5800
iMac with mac OS 10.6 aka Snow Leopard
Holiday trip (local)

Finally decided on nokia 5800
after comparing among 5800, iPhone and Samsung Omnia
Offering similar features at 50% the price of the latter two..
Nokia 1st touch screen phone..
pretty nice..

Snow Leopard is scheduled to be released in June (rumour)
some said September..
Its improvement from Leopard would be as great as Tiger to Leopard
but rather they focus on better performance and stability than Leopard
not many new features added but the touch ups are pretty neat..
I guess its Steve Job's response to Windows 7
but who cares about windows anywayz..
i m definitely getting my hands on it once it's released

well well well..
holiday soon again..
holiday plans.. hehe..
this time round, i plan to tour malaysia from north to south or south to north.. lol
tentative destinations: penang, alor setar, KL, Malacca, Spore(?) haha..
will c how, now focus on exam more important..

btw, gie asked us if we 1 2 go to Taiwan..
but he cant reach u guys, if u c this, pls respond.. haha..
most probably i cant join..
reason being i have got a long wishlist!
not really a long one, but rather expensive one..

the 1st paper was yesterday..
was ok i guess..
3 more to go..

have not been speaking or writing in english lately
and i hv been labelled "china" on several occasions
whoever says singaporeans are "ang mor sai" (aka banana, jiak kentang)
please come here n verify urself, dont be judgemental..

Recently been having Facebook quizzes and restaurant city fever..
some of the quizzes are so funny..
restaurant city is a cute mini game..
pretty addictive too..

I plan not to work in this coming holiday..
wanna enjoy my last 3-month-holiday in my life..
but somehow, deep inside, i m afraid of the emptiness..
i scared it will be too boring if i dont find something to do..