Sunday, June 28, 2009

U nid a GF!

U nid a GF!

this is the same sentence i hv been getting frm frenz on msn
~ 7/10

my private message then was "I hv got a puppy, a new HP, what else do i need..?"
seems like ppl think being gf-less is "incomplete"?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things I owned after the trip

Nokia 5800

the five people you meet in heaven
definitely a book worth reading..
very touching..
by Mitch Albom

My puppy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


wow..! last post was 2 months ago!!

This blog has been long deserted..
juz dont hv the mood to keep writing blog posts..

well, in the past 2 months i was bz preparing for exams, playing chibi online until 2.5 weeks ago
3 items in my wishlist in previous post, achieved 2 of them..

juz came back frm a 2-week-long trip..
there were some minor hiccups and abrasion..
but i guess it's normal..
thank you guys for making the trip a fun-filled one..

Spent most time in Penang (7), then Alor Setar (1), KL (1), Genting (1), Klang (0.5), KL (1)
I think Penang food is nice to Penangites but the same might not apply to others..
Had seafood and durian almost every alternate days in Penang.. gosh..
It was good though..
Also went to firefly expedition somewhere in "Kolor" [KT's hometown] then AutoCity Carnival
Also persuaded KT to get 5800 together with WG n me.. wakaka..

a car (New Bob Car Centre, RM107.40/day, Kancil Manual);
a room (Tunes Hotel, ~RM30/pax/day + 24 hrs aircond RM21)
Credit cards are required to do bookings, (i m asking my mum to make one and sup for me.. wakaka)
after being driver for a couple of days, finally, i m able to link broken pieces of Penang map in my brain.. lol..

Alor Setar is more like a town than a city [Kononnya, Bandaraya, lol]
Paddy fields are everywhere, unbounded spans of green and also a superb seaside
peaceful, beautiful..
Visit Bukit Keriang, a crystal elephant island hill, unique but a bit dirty, many rubbish.. haha..
Then I was also met with SY's extremely frenly father..
His opening speech was alwaz "Hello! How are you!", nice home he has btw..
In KL, we arrived at rich-man-dotter's home..
well, dont be too surprise if u c the son's room is much tidier than the dotter's.. lol!!
Had some Bak Kut Teh there, honestly speaking, it's the best throughout the trip.. haha..
The mother is extremely lack of confidence on her dotter's driving skill.. =)

Then genting trip, expensive as usual, but the blur waiter/cashier forgot to charge me my mocha which costs abt RM13++, haha.. free drink..
after the usual stuff (theme park), we went for a movie (Blood, sucks) then casino (bloodsucker)..
Suddenly realised someone turns moody very quickly ever since we were in genting..
Klang's Bak Kut Teh was tried, the seafood teh is pretty special..
but it has lost the taste of bak kut teh already..
there is a special rojak here (called Pasembur in Penang), not bad though..
then we went jusco in Klang town centre...
Again, somebody black mouth black face whole day.. haha..

Back in KL, rich-mummy bought us some bak kwa..
rich-daddy purposely came home n fetched us to pudu bus terminal..
rich-dotter ended the trip with illness.. haha..
highly probable passed frm me, i was sick the whole trip.. lol..

Throughout the whole trip, we discovered that there are many jusco and old town white coffee