Thursday, July 26, 2012


The Total Immersion (TI) swimming class finally ended last week..
From can't-swim-at-all to swimming-1.5km-twice-a-week, I guess that's an achievement!
Still contemplating whether to proceed on with level 3 TI training..

It's been a week full of ups and downs..
At first, the daily presentation was badly criticized by the Manager on all the little little things..
After that, compliments from the Director, such as "u understood what I want", "I like coaching smart people" etc and he asked for personal HP number..
I guess, if the Director doesn't care, why would he even spend time coaching?
Anyway, I doubt many engineers get such privilege..
Good or bad u say? I decided to take it positively...

Just before the end of the day, the Supervisor mentioned that another manager feedback to him some good remarks for the performance..
Though it was unclear of the content, it made the day.. :)

7 ice cubes:

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